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Why go on a Los Amigos ski trip?

There are many reasons for going on a Los Amigos ski trip but the following are three of the best reasons.

First, many of our members came to Los Amigos because they wanted to go on a ski trip but had no one to ski with. No matter what kind of skier you are, from a never ever skier to the most expert, there is someone in the club to ski with; someone who skis at your level. Skiing is so much more enjoyable when you have friends to ski with and with Los Amigos you never have to ski alone.

Second, we love going on trips with our friends and family and when you go on a trip with Los Amigos, even the very first time, you automatically become one of our friends and part of our family. The trips are not just about skiing but about sharing that experience with friends. We are a very inclusive club. You join for the skiing but you stay for the people.

Third, our trip prices provide a lot of value. We get great discounts in lodging, lift tickets, and other amenities. Even better, our trips are easy.  Your trip leader takes care of everything. All you have to do is show up and have fun. Everything else is taken care of. Of course, you have to do your own packing. But we’ll help you with what to pack if you are not sure.

What is a typical Los Amigos ski trip like?

Pre-Trip: Members usually sign up for a trip several months in advance.  Your trip leader will send regular email updates. Two or three weeks before your trip, you’ll attend a pre-trip party with the other trip participants. At the party, there will be a meeting where your Trip Leader goes over all details.

Travel: Meet at the airport and fly to your destination. When you arrive, you’ll take a luxury bus or shuttle to the resort.

Resort: Upon arrival, you will go to a Welcome Party where you’ll meet with a resort representative, check in, and get lift tickets. Rentals and ski school lessons are typically arranged on arrival day.  

Ski Days: Meet your Amigos for breakfast and find ski buddies. Typically there is a Mountain Tour the first morning there.

Meet for lunch mid-mountain.  At the end of the day, meet for Apres Ski. Spend as much time with other Amigos as you want to; it’s your choice to join the group or be on your own. Most Amigos join each other for dinner.

On Texas Ski Council Trips, we race against other clubs on a NASTAR course, usually on Thursday. Participation is optional.

How much do trips cost?

Costs vary, depending upon location. Most US trips cost about $950 to $1300 per person double occupancy, for one week, plus airfare. This typically includes lift tickets, ground transportation, and two meals/parties on the trip.  Again, this range is a ballpark price, and some domestic trips and all international trips cost more.

How long do trips last?

Usually seven days, six nights.

Do you stay at hotels or condos?

Both, depending upon the trip.

How many people go on a trip?

It varies, but usually 25 to 60 people.

How do I pay?

You can pay by credit card on our website, or by check sent to your Trip Leader. You can pay all at once or in installments.  You need to be fully paid at least 45 days in advance.

What discounts do you offer?

The Club typically receives discounts on lift tickets, rentals, ski school, and lodging. 

Do you offer trip insurance?

No, but we HIGHLY recommend everyone buy trip insurance on their own. There are a number of companies who offer travel protection; often your home insurance company will do so.  Since you are booking in advance, it’s smart to buy coverage.

Do I need to be a good skier to join?

NO!  You don’t even need to be a skier. About 20% of our members do not ski, but enjoy the great travel opportunities and camaraderie we offer.

How well do your members ski?

The approximate breakdown of our skiing members is 20% Expert, 25% Advanced, 40% Intermediate, 15% Beginner.

How can I learn more about the trips?

Attend Club meetings and chat with the trip leaders. They will have trip information.  If you are unable to attend our meetings, contact the trip leader directly.

When and where are your club meetings?

Meetings are the third Tuesday of the month, from August through March. Go to the Event Calendar for locations.

When and where are Happy Hours?

The first Tuesday of the month, all year long. Go to the Event Calendar for locations and directions.

What does it cost to join?

Annual Dues            Before Sept. 30            After Sept. 30

Single                            $45.                                  $55.

Family                           $75.                                  $85.

Military                  $25.                                  $25.

Military Family             $50.                                  $50.
Family members residing at the same address

What social events do you host?

We host an Annual End of Year Party and Christmas/Holiday Party.  Los Amigos hosts a “Summer Meltdown” Trip every September, to Port Royale in Port Aransas, Texas.  We also arrange for other social events throughout the year. Go to the Event Calendar for more details.

How are your trips selected?

We are members of the Texas Ski Council. Every year in April, we join with 14 other ski clubs in Texas to meet with ski resorts from around the world at Ski BidFest.  We vote and select four North American ski trips, one ski trip abroad, and one summer trip.
Club trips are hosted by members who volunteer to lead a trip of special interest to them and to our members.  These trips are run independently of the Texas Ski Council.

How can I get involved?

Our club is 100% volunteer based, and we’re always looking for more help!  Contact our Club President or VP of Trips to get involved.  We promise it will be rewarding.